The purpose of script submission is to promote integrity, honor God, and honor the author's intent. The NITOC e-submission process, which requires all scripts to be submitted and approved prior to the tournament, allows competitors to resolve issues before arriving at the tournament and reduces stress for you and our tournament staff. Doesn't that sound nice!

DEADLINE: Friday, May 11th at 11:59pm PST: All scripts must be submitted by the deadline. There will be NO script approval done on site at check in. Failure to submit scripts by deadline will result in being dropped from the event.

RAPID REVIEW & APPROVE: Watch this 7 minute tutorial to avoid common mistakes. Your scripts will sail through submission!


  • INTERPRETIVE SPEECHES - Dramatic, Duo, Humorous, Open
  • PLATFORM SPEECHES - Expository, Original Oratory, Persuasive
  • WILDCARD SPEECH - Demonstration

* * *


1) Read your event rules: Stoa website
2) Read script preparation instructions: Submission Forms
3) Name files correctly: Last name, First name - Event.File Type

  • Example - Doe, John - Persuasive, Script.docx
  • Misnamed files cannot be credited to speaker

4) PDF and DOC format only

  • NO zipped, tif, jpeg or shared files accepted
  • 300 dpi recommended for pdf's

5) Files must include:

  • Script submission form: completed, signed and initialed
  • Typed Script - with citation page for platforms
  • Interp Original Source Script: easy to read, pages upright, highlighting clearly visible

6) Upload completed files:

*7) After upload is complete:

  • Screen with state "Upload Complete".
  • Script is in queue, and you will receive an email after review.

8) Script approval:

  • Upon receiving script approval, print the approval email or have available on your phone at student checkin.



Contact submissions at: