Congratulations on qualifying to compete in

Extemp at NITOC 2018!

Being invited to compete in Extemp at the national tournament is great achievement and we want to set you up for success during your experience at NITOC.

The Extemp Prep Room is located at the Fermanian Conference Center.
ALL Extemporaneous Competitors must attend the mandatory meeting on Tuesday, May 29, at 11:00AM (12:00PM for Parli Compeitors) in the Extemp Prep Room located at the Fermanian Conference Center. Eat lunch before the mandatory meeting! Parli competitors - have your parent or someone pick up a lunch to go for you if you have the Dining Hall meal plan so you can come to the meeting.
Set up time for your computer and/or Extemp file box: Your computer must be set up and checked by the proctor before you can prep for your question. Please set up at one of the following times: Tuesday, May 29 at 9:00AM or immediately after the mandatory meeting.

Extemp speaker order and draw times will be posted 15 minutes prior to first draw. Check your Push Notifications from StoaUSA for this important information before each round.

What you can expect from us: There will be a check-in and check-out process for the draw time. During prep time, we will have a visible clock and will call out time signals for time remaining.
• Large Digital Timepieces will be used in the competition rooms to time your speech and will be managed by the Head judge.

What we expect from you: It is your responsibility to know your speaker position, your draw time, and your speaking time and manage your time appropriately. As a reminder, your speaking time begins exactly thirty minutes after your draw time. As stated in the executive summary of Speech Committee changes for 2017-2018: Preparation time and walk time are combined so that at the end of 30 minutes the speaker is presenting. This means, tournaments will post both prep time and speaking time. Another way of putting it is you'll be uttering, "Hello! My name is __ and I'll be your __ speaker," exactly thirty minutes after you drew your three questions.

• Laptops and power cords:
- Label everything with your name, club name, and phone number – laptops, files boxes, power cords, extension cords, etc.
- Please bring labeled extension cords and power strips for your club to share. There will be outlets, but this is always a good precaution.
- Please charge laptops where you are staying prior to arriving at the tournament each day rather than expect there to be a place to charge at the tournament.

You've made it to NITOC, but it's always good to familiarize yourself with the Stoa Extemp rules before competing. Likewise, please read the Extemporaneous Prep Room protocol.