NITOC 2018 Safety Plan

Security remains of ultimate importance to Stoa. Please work with us to ensure everyone stays safe and our possessions secure.

The campus of Point Loma Nazarene University is nestled in a lovely neighborhood. It's very common to have the locals walking their dogs along the pathways. We want everyone to keep in mind that while the campus is "gated," we must still use common sense with regards to safety and securing our personal belongings.

Parents, please request your children use a buddy system when walking the campus, especially in the evenings.

We also advise families and students keep their personal items with them at all times. Please do not leave laptops unattended on campus during competition. Be wise and keep your belongings safe so that we can all enjoy a wonderful time on this beautiful campus.

The Safety Team is looking forward to keeping everyone safe at NITOC 2018!