The way that patterns are arranged is a bit of a puzzle. The ideal is to have the same amount of competition rooms in each pattern because that evens out the amount of judges needed for each pattern. And Duo and Extemp can never be in the same pattern (until Quarter Finals), as that complicates Extemp draw times and coordinating speaking times with Duo partners. And Demonstration should be in a different pattern from Expos because that's just many things passing each other in the hallway!

For this reason, the actual patterns for NITOC will be set once we have a good feel for the amount of students competing in each event. For now, the patterns are:

Pattern A
Cold Reading
Dramatic Interp
Mars Hill Impromptu
Open Interp

Pattern B
Duo Interp
Humorous Interp
Original Oratory

But please keep in mind that these may change, which may have an impact on when your family needs to be at Point Loma Nazarene University for registration if your student is only competing in speech events.

The good news is that this is NITOC! There are no limits to the amount of speeches that a student can do in any pattern.

Thank you for your flexibility!